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Craftsmen in eco-friendly paint and famous for its edited palette of 132 eco friendly paint colours, each with its own unique story and name – from Dead Salmon to Elephant’s Breath there’s a colour for everyone. 

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From walls, floors and ceilings to furniture, skirtings and sheds, our range of eco-friendly paint finishes can help you transform almost any surface in your home (and outside it, too).

All Farrow & Ball paints, from our chalky matt emulsion to our brilliant gloss, are made with an eco-friendly water base. That means they’re safer, faster-drying, lower in odour and VOCs, and better for the world we share, with absolutely no compromise on colour or finish.

Modern Emulsion

Washable, protected against mould and scuff-proof, Modern Emulsion is the perfect paint for just about every room in your home.

This choice offers a beautiful matt finish and available in vast array of colours.

Estate Emulsion

Estate Emulsion has a distinctive chalky finish which is know to minimise imperfections and really display the depth of the chosen colour.

A flat matt finish this paint is wipeable but not washable.

Modern Eggshell

Modern Eggshell is Farrow & Ball's toughest interior finish. This ultra-durable eggshell has a satin finish and is scuff and stain resistant making it perfect for floors, skirting, cabinets, furniture and radiators.

Estate Eggshell

Scuff and stain resistant this paint is a great choice for doors, kitchen cupboards, radiators etc due to being washable and wipeable. 

It's soft satin finish brings an understated elegance to your home.

Exterior Eggshell

Exterior Eggshell is a satin finish that remains flexible and breathable once dry, protecting wood and metal against the elements. 

Perfect for outdoor furniture and fencing. This paint choice is water resistant and resists flaking for up to 6 years.

Full Gloss

Ultra-high-gloss finish that is washable and wipeable. Water, flake and peeling resistant it is a great choice for both interior and exterior wood and metal.

Exterior Masonry

Exterior Masonry is a very flat matt finish, perfect for your exterior walls. 

This water-resistant, highly breathable paint resits flaking, peeling and fading for up to 15 years.

Dead Flat

Dead Flat is a delicate coating designed to draw interest.

A very flat matt finish and is suitable for interior woodwork, plaster, and metal.


A historical finish for exterior walls, and interior walls and ceilings, Limewash bonds to the building itself to protect your home from the elements.

Professional application recommended.

Casein Distemper

Casein Distemper shares the very flat matt finish of Dead Flat, but has a breathable, permeable structure that is more suited to plaster walls and ceilings.

Soft Distemper

Soft Distemper is a very soft, powdery finish for interior plasterwork.

Its blend of natural resin and minerals is designed to be easily removed, allowing detail to be preserved on intricate mouldings.

Paint Colurs

The best way to experience our colours before taking the plunge is with a sample pot or paper paint swatch. 

White Paint Collection

Grey Paint Collection

Green Paint Collection

Blue Paint Collection

Red Paint Collection

Pink Paint Collection

Green Paint Collection

Black Paint Collection

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Purple Paint Collection

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