Farrow & Ball Paint - Grey Colours

Between light greys and dark greys, warm greys and cool greys – and not forgetting all the greys in between – there’s more to this ultra-versatile neutral than you might think.

Equally beautiful in its own right or supporting brighter and bolder shades, grey paint has an unparalleled ability to create different moods depending on both the strength and warmth of the shade you choose, and where and how it’s used. Think there’s only one way to do grey? Think again…

Light Grey Paint

Looking for an alternative to all-white walls? Pale grey paint is just as clean, understated and effortless, with the ability to take on all kinds of character depending on the undertone you choose. From the warm lilac tones of Skimming Stone to the cool blue base of Blackened and Dimpse, our light greys are so much more than just black and white.

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Dark Grey Paint

Moody, mysterious and welcoming in equal measure, dark grey is a statement shade that’s still versatile enough to work with almost any other colour you can think of. While their lighter counterparts on our colour card excel at creating light, bright spaces, Down Pipe, Plummett and Mole’s Breath are ideal for more intimate corners of the home, transforming rooms of any size into inviting hideaways.

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