Farrow & Ball Paint - Red Colours

Red paint is a striking option for all kinds of spaces, and much more versatile than you might think. Our shades of red paint run the gamut from moody burgundy to soft terracotta, intense bright red to almost-orange, creating lots of beautiful possibilities for living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and more.

Carmine Paint Colours

Whether carmine, crimson or scarlet, bright red paint can create dramatic spaces all on its own. If you’re feeling brave, up the ante even more with contrasting finishes. 

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Earthy Red Paint Colours

If you’re looking to our reds to create warm and welcoming spaces, a rich terracotta colour may be just the thing.


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Rich Red Paint Colours

Our rich reds make for inviting rooms whether they’re used from floor to ceiling or in moderation. Eating Room Red is a rich burgundy with a lived-in feel, a perfect partner for equally aged neutrals like Stony Ground and Dead Salmon. For the ultimate deep red colour, try Preference Red. Don’t feel daunted by its rich intensity – used in a low-contrast palette with Sulking Room Pink and Paean Black, it creates a beautiful berry-toned backdrop to a master bedroom.


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Orange Red Paint Colours

Orange based reds are some of our most cheerful shades – you can’t help but smile when you walk into a room painted in Blazer, Charlotte’s Locks, or the archived Harissa. Charlotte’s Locks is our truest orange-red tone, particularly effective when used in small doses, and extra exuberant in Full Gloss. Or, for a more subtle red paint, try the charming vermillion shade Blazer.


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