Farrow & Ball Paint - White Colours

With over twenty shades of white to choose from, even this most uncomplicated of neutrals has more to it than you might think. But while the different coloured undertones in white paint can create a surprising array of effects, that doesn’t mean choosing a shade to bring out the best in your space has to be difficult.

White Paint with a Hint of Grey

White matt emulsion, whether it’s our chalky Estate or washable Modern finish, brings an instant feeling of freshness to any space, and the freshest of all are the whites that border on grey. Blackened is our coolest tone, ideally suited to a minimal, industrial scheme, while the almost translucent Wevet has a delicate, barely-there feel that allows it to fit in anywhere. If you’re leaning towards a white with a hint of grey, but are worried that the finished effect will be too cool or stark, you could reserve these cooler tones for a south-facing space, or cheat a warmer feel with soothing Skimming Stone.

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White Paint with a Hint of Green

Adding just a hint of green to any white makes for extraordinarily soft hues, which in turn create calming spaces for rest and relaxation. Of these soothing shades, chalky white Slipper Satin is perhaps the most versatile, while Lime White and Off White are just as understated, but with a more traditional feel. To really bring out the subtle green tones in this group of whites, try them in a north facing room – the cooler light especially suits stronger Old White and James White.

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White Paint with a Hint of Red

Red based whites are always welcoming and friendly, creating the most easygoing of schemes. The lightest of these is Pointing, a fresh and uncomplicated white with an almost imperceptible red base, which works beautifully on ceilings and woodwork. Dimity, which leans more strongly towards taupe, is similarly subdued, but adds a little more warmth, while Joa’s White has the most generous dose of red pigment, which works beautifully in a traditional setting.

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White Paint with a Hint of Yellow

The revival of magnolia paint may be a way off yet, but choosing a yellow based white is a wonderful way to embody the nostalgic shade’s charms in a way that feels fresh and modern. Wimborne White, being just one shade away from pure white, is one of our most versatile options – straightforward yet soft, it’s an excellent all-round choice for white masonry paint, its hint of yellow pigment creating a light, bright effect inside and out. For something a little creamier that’ll boost the warmth of any room, look to pretty White Tie or New White, or for rooms with low light, the illuminating Tallow.

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