Little Greene Paint - Black Colours

There is not just one black. The perception of the colour will be assessed in context, so choosing black requires a little thought and consideration. Explore our black paint colours below or browse our inspiration gallery of black schemes.

Warm red-based blacks

These blacks paints all team well with gentle soft warm colours. Try Cordoba with either neutral stone colours or with pinks, as the beauty of its pink undertone will shine through enhancing the combination.

Cool blue-based blacks

The very popular darker blues have found favour for use on kitchen cabinetry, woodwork, and walls, where the warmth of these deep blues adds intimacy and sophistication to any space. Use a small amount of Basalt for a contrasting highlight or create a blue-black scheme with all-over walls and woodwork for a comforting contemporary feel. 

Green-based blacks

The popular use of green-based black paints in combination with other related colours creates a very pleasing scheme for interiors. They add a strong dimension to the colour scheme by the addition of contrast. Try Invisible Green as a black substitute with Aquamarine – the colours will relate in complete harmony whilst the darker tone adds stature and solidity.

Warm Blacks with a hint of brown

These warmer versions of black have a softness not exhibited by the cooler black tones. Chocolate Colour or Chimney Brick will be seen as black but reflect warmth when paired with lighter tones in place of a cooler black.

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