Little Greene Paint - Green Colours

The original ‘colour of nature’, green paint is reassuring, soothing and elegant. Browse the different shades of green paint below.

Warm greens with a touch of yellow

The vibrancy of bright green paint colours brings energy to any scheme. Judicious use of strong bright green, such as Olive Colour, can be applied very successfully as all over colours for both woodwork and walls.

Muted greens

Muted greens have been used since the beginning of interior decoration.  Muted green paints are stunning with gold frames, ideal for dining spaces, studies and places of tranquillity and concentration.

Strong greens

Whilst retaining their signature of natural heritage, the strong greens take their character a significant step further. These shades of strong green paint create elegance and power wherever they are used.

Pale greens

By bringing our gardens and parks indoors, the natural feeling and light that comes with the use of pale green allows us to feel the pleasure of the colour on many levels.  All are suitable for kitchens and quiet spaces and pair well with strong greens and many neutrals.

Blue greens

The green blues that are termed “aqua” represent an important suite of colours for interior designers. These aqua tones are respected both for their inherent beauty and ability to combine very well with other colours, particularly with natural materials, especially woods. 

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