Little Greene Paint - Grey Colours

The colour grey has been at the root of historical decoration for centuries and even now, remains a timeless staple. For more inspiration, browse our gallery of grey interiors.

Greys with a little green

A subtle hint of green within grey brings an air of natural beauty to your space. Redolent of stone or of the outdoors, these colours add both calm and solidity to any project. 

Greys with a hint of pink

Choosing a grey paint with a hint of rose brings a touch of delicacy to a room, its warming and pleasant influence on a room is not overpowering and adds an air of cosiness.

Cool Greys with a dash of blue

Popular for the decoration of urban apartments, this choice of grey paint has been used in both classical and contemporary settings for many years and still remains popular. 

Warm greys with a hint of brown or yellow

The use of warm greys with a hint of umber or natural earth colour has always been the go-to choice for interior schemes. The ancient use of white tinted with soot and ochre to produce a pleasing, warm neutral has been the mainstay of interior decoration since Georgian times and remains the most popular grey choice today.

Neutral greys

These neutral grey paint shades, many found in historical properties, are derived from naturally occurring materials. Based on mixtures of black and white pigments, with other minor colours added for nuance, these stony colours create a perfect balance between warm and cool in many different lighting conditions. 

Dark Greys

Using dark greys in smaller rooms can create a sense of intimacy, and an encompassing feel. If there is little natural light. 

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