Little Greene Paint - Neutral Colours

Luxury neutral paint colours provide a timeless, versatile backdrop. These subtle shades provide a restful alternative to cooler grey and blue tones, they are warm, relaxing and simple to complement with fabrics and furnishings. Browse our neutral paints below, from creams, to greys, beiges and browns or seek inspiration from our neutral paint schemes.

Warm neutrals with a touch of yellow or umber

By selecting a neutral with a hint of yellow you bring warmth and peace to a room. It can feel cocooning, modern or classically smart. Based on natural pigments, these neutral paints have been a standard colour in decoration since time immemorial and so come with a provenance that is unrivalled. 

Grey-based neutrals

Grey-based neutral paint colours can make an ideal backdrop for decoration with wall coverings and fabrics, as they allow the decorating accessories to become the star of the show. Choices in this group surround the level of warmth required from the colour. 

Green-based neutrals

Bringing a dash of green into any scheme by way of a neutral shade adds a softness redolent of natural colours, which are so popular in contemporary decoration. 

By choosing a green neutral you add warmth without adding significant yellow.

Pink-based neutrals

For pink-based neutral paints, the choice lies between gentle and stronger pink tones. A gentle hint of rouge acts as a neutral shade without strong character, but still acts nevertheless. Choose subtle shades like Rolling Fog (includes red/brown) or China Clay (includes pink/brown). Alternatively, opt for something with a deeper character, in which case Roman Plaster will fit the bill.

Dark Neutrals

Using deep, dark shades in living spaces creates a dramatic, intimate and cocooning feel. Dark colours like ‘Chocolate Colour’ and ‘Baluster’ make a real statement when used all-over, as they have an innate warmth that makes a space inviting and enveloping without feeling heavy and imposing.  

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