Little Greene Paint - Red & Pink Colours

Red is traditionally an expensive colour to produce and these classic paint shades have always carried an air of opulence. Browse our red and pink paint colours or explore our gallery for inspiration.

Muted reds & pinks

Muted Reds and Pinks encapsulate those dusky colours so popular with many designers. Both pale and strong colours from this section are redolent of flowers and the easy nature of soft furnishings. For a natural gentle pink or deep red choose Blush, where the red ochre pigment offers a not too sweet ambiance for a project. 

Bright reds & pinks

The popularity of strong reds has been with us in varying degrees for decades. Deep red walls create an opulent intimacy in dining spaces and lounges, particularly when teamed with subdued or focused lighting. 

Light reds & pinks

Take care when choosing a light pink paint colour: the key is to recognise which shades contain an element of violet and which are red-orange. The addition of violet leads toward lilac and mauve, whilst conversely, red ochre leads to a less sweet tone that is more often popular in living rooms and hallways.

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