Little Greene Paint - Whites Colours

White paints are extremely versatile and can be used everywhere in the home. An all-over white paint scheme provides a bright, fresh finish. In a more vibrant scheme, select a complementary white shade for woodwork or ceilings for harmony and balance.

Warm whites with a little yellow or umber

Providing a piece of pure sunlight within the hue, whites with a hint of yellow give us warmth, illumination and uplift our spirits. When choosing, consider White Lead and First Light- these are the brightest of the yellow white paints. Stock and Clay sit toward a more muted interpretation of white, whilst Linen Wash is just one step apart from pure mineral white paint.

Whites with a dash of pink

The pink tinge within these white paint colours makes for a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. 

Neutral whites

Neutral-based whites contain little colour and provide an excellent backdrop upon which to decorate at the same time as maximising light retention.

Whites with a touch of green

Bringing a dash of green into any white paint scheme adds a definite softness. It is this redolence of natural shades which makes white paints with a touch of green so popular in contemporary decoration.

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